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Emoticons and smileys are expressive faces you make with various keys on your keyboard.

Emoticon, smileys and abbreviations are the e-mail equivalent of slang. Use them sparingly though.


Here are some of the most commonly used emoticons, smileys and abbreviations.

You can find a more comprehensive list at  Computer Users High Tech Dictionary.



Abbrev. Its Meaning Emoticon Its Meaning
AAMOF as a matter of fact :-) Classic smiley
BFN bye for now (:-) Smiley variation
BTW by the way :-( Unsmiley or frown
BYKT but you knew that :-> Smile of sarcasm
CMIIW correct me if I'm wrong :-{) Smile with moustache
EOL end of lecture :-O Open-mouthed, surprised
FAQ frequently asked question(s) :-@ Screaming
FITB fill in the blank >:-( Annoyed or Angry
FWIW for what it's worth #:-o Shocked
FYI for your information :-| Indifferent or bored 
IMCO in my considered opinion ~ :-( Steaming mad
IMHO in my humble opinion :-D Laughing
IMNSHO in my not so humble opinion :-V Shouting
IMO in my opinion :^D Happy, approving
IOW in other words :-< Very sad
LOL lots of luck or laughing out loud :.-( Crying
OTOH on the other hand :-& Tongue-tied
ROTFL rolling on the floor laughing :-# My lips are sealed
WYSIWYG what you see is what you get :-* Kiss
<G> Grinning }: [ Angry, frustrated
<J> Joking d :-o Hats off to you!
<L> Laughing 8-) Wearing glasses
<S> Smiling ;-) Winking
<Y> Yawning :-r Sticking tongue out


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